Update May 15

Update – May 15, 2018:

There is great progress being made with the Green Infrastructure Plan (GIP).  Keeping our promise to public residents, Harford County is proud to provide our second GIP update, below.

The Susquehannock Wildlife Society (SWS) is hard at work performing habitat assessments for the research phase of the County’s GIP.  As part of the assessment, motion-activated trail cameras are being used to document local wildlife at each habitat site.  These wildlife photos assist SWS with species identification. 

Like other County residents, wildlife residents also have places to go!  Trail cameras have captured images of wildlife making their daily commute.  The photos below display how a natural bridge allows various wildlife species to safely cross a stream.  The presence of the log bridge connects natural habitats, promoting biodiversity and balancing the ecosystem on both sides of the stream.

SWS will continue the habitat assessments throughout the summer.  To protect the integrity of the natural habitats being surveyed and the study of the wildlife therein, the location of each habitat assessment site will not be disclosed at this time.

May 15 Update 1
May 15 Update 2