Business Recycling and Waste Reduction Awards

Harford County Government congratulates all local organizations that work to reduce waste. Businesses and organizations around the County have made recycling and waste reduction a part of their operations to great success. Most businesses and organizations find waste diversion and recycling programs well received by both customers and staff. In addition, these practices can save money on disposal costs. Go green in more ways than one!

What is this award for?

Recycling and waste reduction are important strategies used to reduce individual impact through the conservation of resources. Waste reduction strategies include using less packaging, purchasing in bulk, and providing reusable instead of disposable materials. In addition, recycling and composting programs divert materials from landfills and conserve resources.

These businesses are leading the way, helping Harford County to recycle and reduce waste.

2017 Award Winners

The Bayou Restaurant

The Bayou Restaurant is a small business in operation since 1949 and an active member of the Harford County community. While growing in their recycling efforts, the restaurant focused this year on increasing their recycling of oyster shells. To date, The Bayou Restaurant has recycled over 500 pounds of oysters shells, which were transported to the University of Maryland's Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge. From there, shells are reseeded with live baby oysters and later placed in the Chesapeake Bay to help clean the water. Oysters are amazing water purifiers; just one oyster can filter 50 gallons of water per day. 
FY17 Business Awards (JPG)

Fawn View Farm

Fawn View Farm and Fawn View Manor Farm together compromise a 200-cow dairy and crop farming operation, and are innovative leaders in agricultural recycling. In addition to paper, plastic, organics, scrap metal, pallets and waste oil, they recycle agriculture plastic. To date the farms have recycled 600,000 feet of this white plastic wrap used to contain silage, or winter-feed, for cattle. The Fawn View farms also encourage others in the farming community to reduce waste by recycling agriculture plastic.

Plaque and Recognition

Award winners will receive a plaque for display at a public awards ceremony and recognized on the Harford County website, in the local media, and social media.

All award applicants will become Partners in Recycling, receiving a sticker to display in their business and listings on the County website and social media.
Recycling Partners Decal

Past Winners:

St. Joan of Arc School
Tidewater Marina

Interested Businesses

If you are a business or organization in Harford County that works to recycle and reduce waste, be recognized as a leader in the community. Submit completed applications via email or mail to 3135 Scarboro Road, Street, MD 21154.
All applications are due by February 1, 2019.