Boards & Commissions (Under County Executive)

Boards and Commissions
Message from the County Executive
Public input is vital to efficient and effective county government in service of our customers, the citizens of Harford County. One important pathway for public input is through volunteer service on an advisory board or commission.

The many boards and commissions offer citizens with subject matter expertise, related experience, or simply a desire to serve, the opportunity to actively participate in county government. By county law, some boards and commissions have a set of guidelines to establish qualifications for membership.

As your seventh Harford County Executive, I am deeply grateful to the many volunteers who have given their time and talent to such service over the years. I encourage these volunteers, along with newly interested citizens, to apply for an appointment under my administration.

Finally, I offer my sincere thanks to all applicants for their interest in public service in Harford County - Maryland's New Center of Opportunity!  
Barry Glassman
Harford County Executive
  1. Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

    This board is mandated by the Family Law Article of the State of Maryland Annotated Code, Section 14-402 and requires the board to perform six month reviews of Guardianship of Persons held by public agencies. The Office on Aging or the Department of Social Services makes a recommendation to the Circuit Court to either continue, modify, or terminate a public guardianship.

  2. Advisory Board on Aging

    This board advises the Harford County Office on Aging on matters pertaining to our elderly citizens.

  3. Agriculture Land Preservation Advisory Board

    This board advises the county on all matters concerning agriculture preservation.

  4. Board of Electrical Examiners

    This board examines and regulate mater electricians, journeyman, or limited types of electricians.

  5. Board of Estimates

    The board oversees the awarding of contracts for Harford County Government.

  6. Board of Ethics

    This board will administer the Ethics code for county government.

  7. Building Code - Board of Appeals

    Any person has the right to appeal a decision of a code official to the Board of Appeals.

  8. Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Board

    This board oversees and makes recommendation to the management of the Citizens Care Center in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

  9. Commission for Women

    The Harford County Commission for Women is a group of 15 volunteer citizens dedicated " promoting the economic, social, and political equality of women."

  10. Commission on Disabilities

    This commission reviews overall services and activities for collecting data regarding the needs of and review of reports and publications of existing governmental agencies providing services to individuals with disabilities.

  11. Commission on Veteran's Affairs

    This commission provides assistance, guidance, and information to the business and academic communities and the government to ensure adequate consideration of veterans in employment, education, training, and public programs.

  12. Community Advisory Boards

    View agendas and attend meetings for your local community advisory board.

  13. Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

    The job of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council is to coordinate common needs and issues of the local criminal justice agencies.

  14. Cultural Arts Board

    As the government-appointed local arts agency, the Harford County Cultural Arts Board (HCCAB) is the premier local resource for arts, cultural and historical organizations, individual artists and the residents of Harford County, Maryland.

  15. Deer Creek Scenic River Advisory Board

    This board exists to monitor, enhance, and protect the quality of Deer Creek.

  16. Department of Social Services Advisory Board

    The Department of Social Services Advisory Board assists and aids the Director of the Department of Social Services with the provisions of social services policies for the county.

  17. Economic Development Advisory Board

    Find out more information about the board that reviews the budget of the Office of Economic Development.

  18. Economic Development Agricultural Advisory Board

    This board is involved in all agricultural issues of concern to Harford County's agricultural community.

  19. Environmental Advisory Board

    The purpose of this board is to advise the County Executive and County Council on environmental issues of concern to citizens of Harford County.

  20. Harford Center Board of Directors

    Harford Center Board of Directors

  21. Harford County Community Mediation Commission

    The Harford County Community Mediation Commission provides citizens with an effective and efficient means to resolve disputes through mediation.

  22. Harford Soil Conservation Board of Supervisors

    View meeting times of the Soil Conservation Board of Supervisors.

  23. Healthy Community Planning Board

    The Board exists to advance the welfare of the Harford County Community by promoting healthy lifestyles, including but not limited to access to healthy foods, school wellness, active living, education and expanded recreational activities.

  24. Historic Preservation Commission

    The purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission is to conduct an ongoing survey to identify historically and architecturally significant properties, structures and areas that exemplify the cultural, social, economic, political, or architectural history of the nation, state, and county.

  25. Human Relations Commission

    The Harford County Human Relations Commission is a group of 15 volunteer citizens dedicated to alleviating social problems and promoting equality, understanding and harmonious relations between the citizens of the county.

  26. HVAC (Mechanical) Board

    The duties of the Board shall be to examine applicants for a county master and journeyman registration as defined by the county mechanical code, establish minimum requirements for an individual to be qualified to obtain a homeowner's permit and adopt reasonable rules and regulations for the conduct of their duties.

  27. Liquor Control Board

    The Harford County Liquor Control Board administers and enforces the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Laws as they are contained in Article 2B of the Annotated Code of Maryland and the Rules and Regulations of the Liquor Control Board.

  28. Local Management Board

  29. Mental Health & Addictions Advisory Council

    This council maintains a comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of mental illness and addictions.

  30. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

    The board works with the Director of Parks and Recreation to oversee public recreation for the citizens.

  31. Personnel Advisory Board

    The Personnel Advisory Board consists of 3 qualified voters of the county.

  32. Planning Advisory Board

    This board makes recommendations to the Director of Planning and the County Council relating to master plans, zoning maps, rules and regulations relating to planning and zoning.

  33. Plumbing Board

    Membership of the board will include the County Health Officer or his designee, 3 master plumbers and the Chief of Plumbing.

  34. Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board

    The Appeal Board hears appeals concerning property taxes.

  35. Public Library Board of Trustees

    This board oversees the Public Library system in the County.

  36. Public Works Advisory Board

    The Public Works Advisory Board will make recommendations to the County Executive and County Council concerning plans, policies, and programs under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works.

  37. Towing Appeals Board

    This board will monitor and work with the licensed towing companies in the county.

  38. Youth Commission

    The Youth Commission was formed to help advise the County Executive and other county officials on the overall status of Harford County’s youth population, and make recommendations on how the county can better provide for youth needs.